Cindy Rose

Artist bio:
Cindy Rose is a multidisciplinary artist living in Toronto, Ontario. She attended Earl Haig S.S. and was enrolled in the Claude Watson Visual Arts Program. She received her advanced diploma in Graphic Design from Humber College and specializes in digital painting. Cindy also runs an online illustration studio called Cindy Rose Studio where she collaborates with local businesses. Her painting style is a marriage between traditional fine art techniques and graphic art applications. Her style is colourful, textural, and bold with an emphasis on line work. She is inspired by elements from nature and is obsessed with capturing the human spirit in her artwork.

When Cindy isn't busy in the studio, she can be found training with her dragon boat team, True North Premier Women, or paddling outrigger with her teammates. Cindy was part of the Canadian National Dragon Boat Team in 2017, medalling two golds and two silvers in Kunming China.